Monday, March 20, 2006

Home Security Tips For Those On A Budget

We all want to make sure that our homes, and especially our loved ones are safe and secure. It's one of the basic needs and desires of people almost everywhere around the world. And home security is a field where many things can be implemented to help reach your goal of safety for your home and family. Some home security plans can be very expensive, and the more tools in your security arsenal the better. But there are many inexpensive security choices that can be made as well.

For instance, a burglar alarm system does not have to be very expensive to raise the safety level in your home. A simple alarm system that sounds a loud noise when activated can be very effective on it's own since burglars do not like loud noises and certainly don't want attention being brought to what they are doing. Simple alarm systems that can be found online can also be installed by the homeowner as well, also significantly reducing the overall cost of home security. If you wish to include an outside monitoring service, the cost is usually around $10 a month which is very reasonable, but it's entirely a personal choice.

Simple, low-cost motion detectors that trigger outside lights at night can be very effective in increasing home security and yet not cost very much. Many homeowners can actually install these themselves too and avoid the installation fee.

A particularly effective and yet no-cost method of home security is a neighborhood watch program. A simple agreement between neighbors to actively watch and keep an eye out for each others properties can make burglars avoid that area altogether simply because the riak of getting spotted is too high for the potential rewards that they may gain from the burglary.

And finally, something as simple as a watchdog can be a red flag to burglars that breaking into your home will not be easy and it will most certainly draw unwanted attention due to the dog barking or even possibly biting them as they try to go about their business. Watchdogs are particularly effective pets for security because they tend to be very territorial and they defend their home and family, often to the death. Of course, having a dog that barks all of time is not going to be good for either you or your neighbors, so make sure that the dog is well trained and only barks when a perceived threat is suspected. That way if the dog is barking unusually long and hard it will be a notification for everyone in earshot that an intruder may be nearby.

Most of these ideas are very low cost, and some don't cost anything. But putting them into practice can help raise the home security around your house right away.

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